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SA.Livingnetwork.co.za, is dedicated to listing all health-related South African resources: such as natural products, testing labs, therapists, organic options, publications, retreats , venues , etc.

Our main informational website, Livingnetwork.co.za, contains all the health protocol information that you may need in order to get well and stay well.

We intend SA.Livingnetwork.co.za to become a central data-base for all natural and alternative therapists and businesses in South Africa who have a common health-related ideal in mind.

We would like to create a profile for each therapist and business at no cost.

If you or your company would like to be added to this network, and share a common intent with us, please click here, and fill out your details below so that we can email you a document to fill in, in order to be added to the network.

Thanks and welcome!