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Guido Habets

Sound Impulse

Guido Habets has been a trained nurse for 30 years, and started his Resonance Practice on January 2004 in Amsterdam. In February 2010 he moved to Cape Town, where he is currently in practice.

Resonance therapy is based on the fact that every cell has its own resonance frequency. Deviations from the optimal frequency can lead to a weakening of the cell activity.The equipment at Sound Impulse enhances the resonance of cells in the body and disturbs the resonance of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. With the Aqua Detox you can get rid of waste material in a comfortable way. Resonance therapy was developed by George Lakhovsky, Royal Raymond Rife and Hulda Regehr Clark.

Sound Impulse works with 5 devices:


1) Aqua Detox produces magnetic waves through a spiral electrode. These waves will travel through the body into your cells. The voltage on cell level will rise and the cells will start to emit the waste into the bloodstream. A healthy cell voltage is around the 80 milli volt. For this treatment your feet are immersed in a water basin and after a while you will see part of the waste floating in the water. Most of the waste is dumpt in your bloodstream and you should drink at least one and half liters of water a day afterwards.

2) Magnetic Field Therapy has a direct effect on the functioning of the cell membrane. The cell membrane oscillates on a certain frequency with high or low amplitude. By raising the amplitude, the cell will communicate better with its environment, waste product is dumped, and nutrition and oxygen are more easily absorbed.It is now proven that Magnetic Field Therapy accelerates the healing of the bone structure by 50%. For a treatment you lay down on the magnetic field mattress.

Body scan:

Metatron scans the body with a headphone for viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites by reading all the frequencies in the body. The Metatron recognises chronic and latent illnesses at an early stage. During the scan there is also a possibility for treatment using the methods of Lakhovsky and Rife. The procedure is easy to follow on your own screen. It gives advice on nutrition and treatment with natural medicine.

Treatment of ailments:

1) Molecular Oscillation Resonance Instrument (MORI) works through low frequencies (mortal oscillation rate) established by Hulda Regehr Clark and Royal Raymond Rife to undermine viruses, bacteria, and parasites. You make contact with the device by hands and feet.

2) TENS generator Phorle-model PERL is a Rife light frequency generator where you don’t need to make any physical contact with the device. The frequencies are carried on light waves. As soon as the Perl is operating the waves will treat anybody in the treatment room. On top of the Perl resides a lamp filled with the noble gas Argon, which emits the frequencies through the ether.

What would a session/treatment process involve and cost?





R 150

Max. 40 minutes

Aqua Detox

R 200

Max. 50 minutes

Rife Therapy

R 250

Max. 90 minutes

Aqua Detox + Rife Therapy

R 400

Max. 90 minutes

Metatron Organ scan and nutritional advice

R 250

Max. 45 minutes

Metatron Complete Scan, Treatment and nutritional advice

R 450

Max 120 minutes


MFT =  Magnetic Field therapy, 8 – 40 minutes
Aqua Detox = MFT 16 minutes, Aqua Detox 30 minutes
Rife therapy = MFT, Tens Generator Phorle PERL and/or MORI


  • If metal is in or on the body. For example, if you wear a permanent brace, metal pins or have had a metal hip replacement for up to a year.
  • When in the last 6 weeks before treatment corticosteroid or Prednisone has been used
  • When you suffer from severe cardiac arrhythmias, or if you have a pacemaker. (People with pacemakers should not enter the treatment room)
  • During pregnancy
  • There are several extra restrictions when using the Aqua Detox and MFT: when you have a donor organ and when you suffer from epilepsy.
  • The Metatron can not be used if you have been treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy in the past 2 years

Contact details:

  • Phone number: (072) 302-8477
  • Address: 23 Jarvis Street, De Waterkant ,Green Point ,Cape Town, 8001
  • Website:

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