Water, collect your own fresh spring water

Dr. Clark's latest research points to polluted water as being the most important cause of ill-health, and the first place to start in your health program. We need to begin challenging local water departments to ensure that food-grade bleach is being added to our water, and NOT laundry Bleaches (such as Jik). In rural areas water departments should be encouraging the use of food-grade bleaches such as Milton's if using a bleach to steralise water.

We suggest that you go and collect the water yourself from a natural spring in your area if possible, making sure you use your own containers. The SAFEST plastic containers that Dr Clark suggests we use is, HDPE 2 – High Density Polyethylene 2 containers, to collect and store your water. Just look underneath the opaque water containers for a triangle with a '2' inside it with the letters 'HDPE' written underneath it. The reason why these containers are essential is that they are made of a non-seeping plastic that Dr. Clark recommends. Other containers will seep plastics (with pollutants like malonic acid) into the water.

Dr. Clark advises against bottled water in general because of the antiseptics used to rinse the bottles and filtering pipes which leave traces of pollutants behind, and more importantly from plastic seeping from containers that are not HDPE 2. You must only get containers made from HDPE 2 – High Density Polyethylene. For more info on Dr Clark's opinon on water, follow this link.


Water sources

The sources mentioned below have not been tested with a syncrometer, and we encourage everyone to begin such testing, so that safe and unpolluted supplies are discovered.

Cape Town:

1) Springs Way – Newlands (this water is free of charge). The water gushes out of a white pipe at the end of the cul-de-sac called Springs Way (View Larger Map). There is a new collection point on the opposite side of the main road by the brewery.

HDPE-2 containers: You can get large containers from Polyoak Visconti in Cape Town, Tel: (021) 762-8557/8 . They also have 5, 10, 20 and 30 litre containers.