Buteyko Breathing Method Educator / Practitioner

Taught by Buteyko Works Practitioner Trainer Jennifer Stark, in the BIM as taught in Australian Medical Trials

About Melody

Melody Mitchell has been involved in complementary health since 2005. She is South Africa's first Buteyko practitioner / educator to be trained in the specific Buteyko Breathing Method which was taught to patients in several medical trials both in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Melody has long held a passion for empowering people to unlock their own healing potential. She teaches groups of people to reduce and overcome their asthma symptoms naturally.

About the Buteyko method

The Buteyko Breathing Method for Asthma, sleep apnoea and snoring is taught over 5 days in a “workshop” environment. Classes last  approximately 1.5hrs and exercises are given for clients to continue at home. The course will teach you how to control, reduce and prevent asthma attacks, snoring and sleep apnoea using natural methods, and will help you to eventually reduce your reliance on medication. Trials have shown that regular use of the Buteyko Breathing Method has resulted in an average of 96% reduction in broncho-dilators (Ventolin), and a 49% reduction in steroid preventor use in asthmatics. Many sufferers have reported that they no longer require medication, and many have had no asthma attacks since integrating the Buteyko method into their lives.

The Buteyko Method is not a treatment or therapy or a substitute for any medical advice or treatment. Buteyko is an education programme that will provide you with the necessary tools to re-train your brain's respiratory centre, thereby alleviating and reducing attacks and reliance on medication. A Buteyko Educator is not involved with the management of your asthma, and will never advocate throwing away your asthma medication. The Buteyko Method is a complementary approach, working alongside conventional medicine. All advice is given with the understanding that you will follow up with your medical practitioner. The Buteyko Breathing Method should only be taught by a qualified practitioner who is trained to monitor your progress and adjust the exercises accordingly.

Costs of tuition

A course of Buteyko costs R2500 for the full five days tuition. Should you ever wish to join another course at a later date after completing the full 5 days, it will be free.

A properly trained and qualified Buteyko Educator always offers a money-back guarantee. If you feel you have had absolutely no improvement after applying the method correctly after a set period of time.

Location: Montagu Western Cape, and workshops e given countrywide.
Contact: via phone: (083) 494-0661, or use the email form below.
Website: www.buteyko.co.za



The "Freedom from Asthma" Buteyko workshop teaches people how to control their asthma and allergies using the Buteyko method. Working in a very relaxed group setting we explore the reasoning and research into this logical method and learn various Buteyko exercises which will help to control asthma and reduce all allergies. This method has been proven to reduce symptoms by over 70% – regardless of triggers – and will also help sufferers reduce the need for medication within a few days.
The workshop over five consecutive days for 90 minutes per day. Follow ups are conducted afterwards telephonically and by e-mail for another month at least.
All trained Buteyko Breathing Technique practitioners offer a money back guarantee on their course. The cost if each workshop depends on the location, and is made up of two amounts,
1) a non-refundable fee to cover costs of venue hire, printing of booklets and travel costs, etc. and
2) the course fee which is the cost of the workshop. The terms and conditions for refunds are laid out in the registration form and read as follows: “I understand that if I follow the Buteyko program diligently for eight weeks and contact my trainer to inform her of any problems as and when they arise, I will be refunded the course fee (less my deposit), should I not gain any benefit from this program”.

Montagu workshops:

The "Freedom from Asthma" workshop in Montagu includes relaxed three-star self catering accommodation . It is a good opportunity to take time out to re-connect with your breathing and to enjoy a tranquil setting and beautiful surroundings.

The workshops are held at the same venue you will be staying at, and it only takes up 90 minutes of your day. The rest of the day is yours to enjoy the town and gorgeous surroundings. Montagu offers relaxing walks, good clean air and basking in the sunshine, great food (and the occasional glass of exceptional local wine) and all the abundance that a country lifestyle affords. The follow ups continue via telephone and e-mail for at least a month thereafter.

Accommodation is offered in separate cottages and is not communal. A swimming pool and workshop space is on site. Four and five star graded accomodation is available in town if preferred, the alternative costs will be communicated to those who prefer this option. Montagu is situated 195 kms from Cape Town on the R62, and is home to hot springs, wine farms, fruit farms and beautiful mountains. www.montagu.org.za

Private sessions are also available during these dates, they cost R500 each and need to be booked in advance. Workshops are on a "pay once for life" basis. Which means that all subsequent workshops are free, plus online follow ups for three months included in the workshop fees.
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