Dr Pedro MC Ferreira (Howick, KZN)


Dr Pedro MC Ferreira – Dentist BDS(WITS)

Dr Pedro Ferreira qualified as a conventional dentist in 2003 and in May 2010 became acutely aware of the threat of certain materials used in mainline dentistry that affect a patient’s health. He has now instituted stringent protocols for certain procedures ie. amalgam removals, that ensure the safety of the patient, the dentist and the staff.

Dr Ferreira has networked with other health care professionals to provide you with the best that alternative and convenitional health care can provide for you in the Midlands. You’ll find Dr Pedro Ferreira very open to alternative forms of therapy and always ‘thinking out of the box’.

“I am a dental surgeon. Approximately a year ago (2010), I started practising mercury-free and safe dentistry, having researched the subject thoroughly especially through Dr Tom McGuire’s books and research. I work closely with a B.E.S.T. practitioner who does electro-dermal screening of bio-compatibility of materials on patients seeking safe replacement fillings. I practice in Howick in the KZN Midlands”.

A treatment with Dr Ferreira would most certainly include a full consult where routine diagnostic X-rays are taken and then treatment is discussed with the patient. A treatment plan is then formulate and sent to the patient. This will cost you between R900-R1300(tariff 2011). Once treatment commences prices will vary according to treatment done.


Contact details:

Phone number: 033 330 3111

Address: 9 Lawton Rd, Greendale Acres, Howick, KZN


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