About Mark Wellens
Mark has been passionate about Landscaping and has been practicing conscious gardening for 20 years. There is no divide between people, their family, their work & their spaces and he lovingly helps you unblock all these realms so that you can create your soul sanctuary. He practices Dowsing for Earth Energies (incl Geopathic Stress) & helps transform these. He has created a unique Land Design Module that allows all the Participants conscious & subconscious wishes to be aligned with the wishes of the land. The Mysteries are becoming visible & practical.


BSc (Botany & Zoology) UCT
Life Alignment Practitioner (Module 5 + Organisational Alignment & Home Alignment) – ALAPSA


What would session entail?
A Consultation with Mark would involve a dowsing awareness & cleansing of the land/home/office. A process of awareness & allowed transformation of Blockages. If Garden design is wished this could lead to Landscaping implementation.
I would be honoured to be allowed the privilege of guiding you on your path.
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Mark Wellens (076) 279-1753
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