Lynne Maccallum (Wynberg, Cape Town)

Lynne testing with the MORA


Nourish by Nature

Lynne Maccallum CN. IAN

Functional Nutritionist

FLT Practitioner, Natural Gourmet Chef


Burnt out? Overweight? Arthritis? Asthma? Eczema? Allergies?


Tried everything and nothing worked?

Are you confused with all the seemingly mixed nutrition information?

Are you longing for a new approach to viewing eating and food?

Are you ready to see how food connects with other issues in your life?

Do you want to know how to heal yourself through foods?

Have you tried numerous diets and feel lost as to what to follow?

Do you need expert guidance on how to work with foods as therapeutic tools to heal your issues?

Do you feel like you don’t know where to start?


The future of nutrition is changing rapidly and the ‘old ways’ of counting calories and seeing proteins and carbohydrates as creating the same energy currency within the body is being replaced.  It is now known that these basic nutrients have a very different vibration or electrical potential.  The new message is that it is the quality of food and the dietary signature it carries for our cells that is the most essential consideration when it comes to eating choices.  If food is information, what messages are you sending your body?

Making the choice to nourish yourself and committing to taking care of your body is the first step towards healing.  The second step is to make the right nourishment choices.   Most people get only enough nourishment a day to keep their blood flowing, their heart pumping, and their brain working, to a more or less adequate degree.  But ultimately to achieve what we really want in life we need higher vibration nourishment, higher quality exercise, higher quality food, higher quality breathing and higher quality relationships.

Passion, strength, love & joy cannot take root in exhausted burnt out bodies!

Earth is in the realm of effect…… the cause starts from within…..’



An appointment with me will assist you in achieving these ideals in cost effective & time consuming ways.

Treatment involves:

A personal assessment of identified problem areas based on your ‘Health Assessment Questionnaire’ which is completed by email prior to your appointment.

 Initial appointment:

  • A detailed energetic assessment with the Karnak Sensor is carried out. The Karnak device is a cerebral electromagnetic activity sensor that reads brainwaves in order to provide valuable early warning of any serious pathologies and before dysfunction sets in, which in turn triggers illness.
  • The energetic analysis measures the extent of the excess or lack of energy in every cerebral area and in every organ.
  • The brain isn't solely a thinking machine it also exerts an electromagnetic influence, and by measuring the Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta brain waves we can determine how healthy each organ is.


Depending on your personal results, a unique life-style management program will be devised for you, which includes:

  • Identification and assessment of the potential causes of your conditions.
  • A personalized supplement prescription (including medication interactions).
  • An eating plan.
  • Stress management tools.
  • Suggested exercise therapy.
  • The evaluation of the influence of environmental factors.
  • The evaluation of associated psychological factors.
  • Agreeing outcomes and realistic goal setting.     
  • Identification of any weaknesses that may hinder your success.

 Additional services available if necessary:

Clinical laboratory values:

    • Stool testing: To assess gut flora, inflammatory and immunity markers, as well as look for ulcer causing bacteria (H.Pylori & candida.)
    • Blood tests: to assess general health markers, such as:
    • Blood sugar markers (glucose and insulin).
    • Vitamin D levels (immunity)
    • Blood fat markers (lipids).
    • Blood inflammation and heart markers.
    • Hormone level assessment (with referral to appropriate doctor for management if needed).
    • Food intolerances using the Imupro test (IgG tests).
    • DNA gene testing to identify genetic weaknesses to specific illnesses.

Health maintenance:

Monthly follow-up appointments are advised, which may cover various topics:


Vegan/Vegetarian diet advice

Discover what vitamins & micronutrients you could be lacking.

Explore ways to add high quality protein into your diet.


Gourmet lunch

Invite me and I’ll not only cook a delicious natural gourmet lunch for you but assist you to revamp your whole approach in the kitchen. You’ll easily swap those old bad habits for new healthy supportive ones.

This personal service includes:

Identification of the problem causing foods you may have in your kitchen.

Demonstration of new exciting healthy cooking techniques.

Transforming every day meals into highly nutritious dishes.

Introduction to tasty and satisfying vegetarian options.

Introduction to raw food approaches.

Sharing of some of my gourmet special recipes. (Fee excludes supply of food, time = 4 hours)


Accunect treatment

A gentle energy healing technique based on Chinese Medicine principles that identify areas of stress and imbalance within the body.  Accunect maps your unique healing story and allows your body to restore itself to its natural state of health and wellbeing. Accunect addresses the root causes of disease.


Food sensitivity and intolerance testing

The Karnak sensor is used to identify which foods energize your body and lead to better health and which are detrimental. Each food & potential allergen is tested individually (PK food analysis test).


Weight loss through mindful eating techniques

Learn how to use the power of your mind to reach your optimal weight.

Learn to recognise the difference between psychological hunger and physical hunger.

Gain knowledge of your emotional eating behaviours and develop strategies to stop emotional eating. Identify beliefs that hinder success.


First Line Therapy

A safe effective supervised 3 month weight loss program.


Stress Management Program

De-stress and get personalized tools & herbals according to your Identi-Stress questionnaire results.


Smart shopping

Learn to shop smart at the grocery store. 

Learn what to buy (organic? or not).

Learn how you can save money. 

Discover wonderful Farmers Markets.

The value of label reading and ‘reading between the lines.’


Discover superfoods

What are they?

How to prepare them.

How to incorporate them into everyday meals for super nutrition.


Medical detox program

Safe strategies and advice for gentle detoxing using medical foods and herbals.


Menopause/hormonal support 

Discover the best foods to choose for hormonal support.

Learn how to remain healthy, fit and at your ideal weight pre and post menopause.


Cancer nutrition program    What you eat can save your life.

Guidance and support as to the best food choices.

What to avoid.

Personal supplement program.

Understanding the importance of the mind and emotions in the healing process.



Gluten and dairy free dietary advice

Delicious and different smoothie recipes

Juicing – the benefits & recipes

Implementing a kitchen garden & self sustainable ways to live


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Disclaimer: The Karnak Sensor is not a medical device.  It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals.  It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed medical doctor.