10-day Medical Detox plan


We will email you the following forms to fill out and return before your first consultation:

  1. A Health Assessment Questionnaire, along with
  2. A Stress Questionnaire, and
  3. A Health History form.

These forms will help us clearly isolate the key issues to be addressed during your first treatment, where an appropriate ‘stress’ supplement will be added, alongside a quality fish (which should form the corner-stone of any supplementation protocol).

This 10 day medical detox and eating plan was devised to help you improve your health, balance weight/cholesterol and blood sugar issues and detoxify your system in the safest possible way, while providing key nutrients to support the process.

It is a 10 day plan, but it is hoped that the life-style changes learned during the process are extended beyond that.

The idea is to eat to get well, and few diet restrictions are implemented in terms of calorie restriction. Rather an appropriate selection and combination of foods is encouraged. For example, it is recommended that you eat every 3 hours, including three meals and three snacks throughout the day, focussing on including quality protein with all your meals. Fish oils and medical foods (specific nutritional shakes) are included, along with other appropriate supplements (neutraceuticals) chosen with your specific needs in mind.

Costs involved:

Initial Consultation R400 (including a test on the Karnak Sensor – see below for more information)

Supplements that may be required – depending on the questionnaire results

  • Medical food/nutritional shake R700 (10 days supply)
  • High Quality Fish oils R350 (2 month supply at 2 capsules/day)
  • Liver support R170 (21 day supply at 2 capsules/day)

Total R1220 (this is the maximum amount but it could be less depending on your personal requirements and test results.   Minimum requirements are the Medical Food & Liver support = R870.00

Follow-up consultations R280 Required 10 days later to implement other lifestyle changes and track your progress. You might choose at this point to continue into the 12-week detox program.

The Karnak Sensor is a cerebral electromagnetic activity sensor that reads brainwaves and provides early analysis of serious pathologies while still in their initial phases. The brain isn’t solely a thinking machine, it also exerts an electromagnetic influence and by measuring Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta brain waves we can determine how healthy each organ is. Every second your brain sends electromagnetic stimuli to each organ, and the Karnak Sensor is able to detect their functionality. Depending on the results, a personalized life-style management program, including food guidelines, proper and safe detoxification strategies, supplement prescription and stress management tools is created.

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