The 12-week Medical Detox plan

This 12-week medical detox program and eating plan was devised to help you improve your health, balance weight/cholesterol and blood sugar issues, detoxify your system in the safest possible way, while providing key nutrients to support the process.

It is a 12-week plan, but it is hoped that the life-style changes learned during the process are extended beyond that.

The idea is to eat to get well, and few diet restrictions are set in place in terms of calorie restriction, rather appropriate selection and combination of foods is encouraged. For example, it is recommended that you eat every 3 hours, including three meals and three snacks throughout the day, focussing on including quality protein with your meals. Fish oils and medical foods (specific nutrient shakes) are included, along with other appropriate supplements (neutraceuticals) chosen with your specific needs in mind.

Below is an overview of the process along with cost estimates to help your decide:

Consultation 1

During your first consult we will discuss your history and take measurements to assess the composition of your body (weight, height, waist circumference, blood pressure, etc), which along with certain blood tests, will create a baseline from which to work. You will be tested on the Karnak device to check your overall health, and we will also add the following base-line supplements:

  • A stress supplement
  • High Quality Fish Oils (which an EFA or Essential Fatty Acid supplement).

Cost for 1st consultation  = R400 consult, +/- R200 Stress Supplement & R350 for the fish oils (2-month supply).

Following consultation 1, you will be sent to take certain blood tests before your next visit, to assess:

  • blood fats (lipids and cholesterol)
  • blood sugars (glucose)
  • and certain other key markers if necessary (e.g. inflammation, Vit D, iron, and thyroid).

Consultation 2

  1. Review your blood tests
  2. Begin the 12-week eating and detox plan
  3. Add the supporting supplements:
    1. A specific medical food (nutritional shake which acts as a meal-replacement) will be added.
    2. A liver supportive herbal product and pro-biotic is included here to support the detox.
    3. Key supplements selected to support issues isolated from your questionnaires.
    4. Consider the addition of a special nutrient called a SKRM (Selective Kinase Response Modulator) depending on your sugar, fat and inflammation levels in your bloods.

Consultation 3

At consultation 3 (a week or more later) we will review the plan and ensure all is on track, thereafter future appointments will be scheduled every 4 weeks to monitor progress and provide ongoing support. SKYPE consults can be arranged for those who have schedules which may prevent one-on-one sessions.

During this time you will also be introduced to concepts of cleansing your organs via the parasite, bowel, kidney and liver cleansing protocols, as well as the dental clean-up. We will also advise you on including the following tests should they be indicated:

  • hair tests (for toxic metal screening)
  • stool tests (for chronic gut issues) and
  • food allergy tests (for inflammatory, digestive and other chronic issues)

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