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Anna Prinsloo

  • BSc Hon Physiotherapy UCT magna cum laude
  • Postgraduate training in various fascial release and manual therapy techniques.
  • Registration with HPCSA and BHF


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About Anna

Anna has been a practicing physiotherapist for 10 years. After gaining experience in the public and private sector, including several years at the Sports Science Institute, she has now opened up a private practice in the Southern Suburbs. She has studied with various local and internationally-renowned therapists to explore progressive techniques and therapies effective in the field of manual bodywork. Most recently she has studied Integrative fascial release with Steven Goldstein from Australia. This approach incorporates cranio-sacral and osteopathic techniques with muscle energy techniques to facilitate postural rebalancing and activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Anna has combined conventional physiotherapy techniques, such as orthopedic manual therapy, PNF and neuromuscular facilitation, with various direct and indirect methods of myofascial release to offer a comprehensive and holistic solution to approaching physical injury and dis-ease. Her therapy is useful as a prophylactic tool through the maintenance of postural alignment and a healthy nervous system. She is trained in dry needling and the use of wedging in the shoes for postural rebalancing. She will apply kinesio-tape where appropriate.

Anna is particularly interested in how the fascia (connective tissue) of the body can be worked with to facilitate potent release of tension held in the body. The body can then rebalance itself and find its natural harmony. The nervous system can be profoundly affected through subtle manual stimuli. This allows the body to release tension and redirect this energy for repair and maintenance processes. Our habitual postures and compensatory behavioural patterns become locked into our connective tissue over time, thus creating imbalance and stress in the tissues. In certain areas the connective tissue is shortened, while in other areas it become over-lengthened. The muscle in these areas struggle to function in an over-lengthened position. Soft tissue imbalance eventually leads to a variety of conditions such as repetitive strain injuries and joint problems due to excessive compression. A balanced body is a body which is free to move. This body-glove of connective tissue is the key to releasing tension in the muscles, connective tissues and joints thereby restoring our natural freedom of movement. Muscle strength imbalances are assessed and corrected through various muscle activation techniques and a prescribed exercise program.

Anna provides an integrated form of physical therapy to facilitate the release of tension, ‘de-stress’ the nervous system, rebalance the length and strength of the soft tissues and bring awareness to the factors necessary to maintain healthy balance. Her approach aims to empower each individual by giving them tools with which they can successfully maintain balance in their own system.


What role does Free Flow physiotherapy play in the field of health care?

  • Injury prevention – Maintenance of balance and postural alignment in the body.
  • Stress relief and activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby redirecting energy to maintenance and repair processes.
  • In the therapy of:
    • Postural imbalance – length and strength
    • Muscular tension and trauma
    • Ligament sprains
    • Joint problems – hypermobility, hypomobility, and arthritis
    • Repetitive strain injuries and tendonitis
    • Sports injuries
    • Recovery after an operation or trauma
    • Chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia
    • Headaches
    • Lower back pain
    • Cramps


An initial consultation with Anna includes a discussion of your physical history and your personal goals for treatment, a physical assessment, a treatment of applied physical therapy and recommendations for a maintenance program including exercises, and any other relevant factors.

Initial consultation and follow up sessions are all 1 hour.

Anna’s practice charges fees that are in accordance with those recognized by the SASP and most medical aids. Your treatment can be submitted to medical aid for reimbursement.


On a personal note…

Anna has spent time in India and South East Asia exposing herself to the Eastern approach to body and mind. She has received a First Degree Reiki attunement in the Usui System of Natural healing through Reiki Master Miriam Platt. She has received the Medicine Buddha empowerment from Tibetan Lama Rinpoche – this is non-religious and works in much the same way as a Reiki attunement. She has also attended various energetic medicine courses and workshops including Wholism healing and the Barbarra Brennen Introductory workshop. She supports all natural approaches to healing that acknowledge the evolutionary brilliance of the body and its natural capacity to heal. She is interested in crystal healing, homeopathy, naturopathy, aromatherapy, nutrition, sound healing, colour healing, Tibetan Dzogchen wisdom, shamanic approaches to ‘reality’ and the evolution of consciousness.


For appointments or enquiries please contact Anna on (072) 380-4830 or email using the form below.


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