On the Edge DVD - Living with Bipolar



“On the Edge”

Living Well with Bipolar

A guide to recognising the signs and practical self-help available to all those willing to take responsibility for their own lives


  • What is Bipolar Affective Disorder? (BPD)
  • My Story
  • Addictive  behaviour and bad habits
  • Well-being
  • Peer support
  • Suggestions for practitioners
  • Self-help


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In this remarkably honest and insightful interview about INTEGRATING POLARITIES, Suzanne describes how she faced the dragon of Bipolar Disorder head-on and befriended it; moving from being a victim to a hero of her own life.  She discusses her traumatic journey towards healing with a holistic approach using many varied modalities to nurture and support. Her aim is to reduce the stigma and mystery surrounding Bipolar Affective Disorder (manic depression). At present, Suzanne is running workshops to facilitate difficult conversations concerning depression, mania, self- harming and suicide, in addition to bespoke workshops on stress management, team and community building.

The DVD is aimed at sufferers and their families or support people; however, it has also been well received by GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists, schools, social workers, nurses and complementary practitioners.


Suzanne  Leighton
Complementary Therapist


Practice number: 106 000 0216224

  • Private Practice:     Counselling combined with massage
  • Special interest:     Mental health (depression, mania, bipolar, post-natal depression)
  • Group Therapy:      “Hero Book”:  Art and narrative group workshop.
  • U-tube (7 min) http://youtu.be/Sbqm7NNl26c

Next course: 6 Wednesday mornings starting 26 Jan 2012 at Casa Labia, Muizenberg

    • Care of the Carers: Wellness workshops
    • Corporate:              Team building, wellness and stress management workshops
    • Awareness:            Workshops “Integrating Polarities” at schools/community/corporate
    • Support groups:      Details of existing groups, how to start a group and ongoing supervision
    • Mediation               Facilitated conversations with family groups
    • Community             Large group facilitation for creating alignment and a way forward
    • Sharing                   Human Library Projects


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