Daily Qigong exercise routine

Daily routine for a health body

  • Warm up and cool down – collect and store energy in the centre of stomach (Dantien)
  • Daily practice of Qigong is essential for a lasting impact (accumulative) to restore good health, youthfulness and to live a happy and long live.
  • Clothing – use natural fibers like cotton, wool and silk as they are good conductors of energy. Avoid synthetic fibres like nylon and polyesters. Colours should be preferably light and  bright such as white, sky blue, pink, light green, purple and yellow. These colours allow energy to move freely.
  • Metal objects – rings, necklaces, watches, bangles, ear rings etc. should all be removed from your body as metal tends to hold energy.
  • Watches – like quartz crystal watches are not recommended. They transmit high frequency oscillations at your pulse wrist position, which tends to off-balance the natural oscillations of human energy.
  • Practice always on an empty stomach and empty bladder. If bowels feel full, empty them first.

It is best not to eat any solid food for about 1 hour after practice so that energy is not used to digest food, but instead energy is gained and collected in the energy centres and channels.

  • Forget all daily problems and worries before exercising.
  • Have confidence and respect for your exercise time.
  • Don’t harbor any doubts about teachings or practice.
  • Don’t allow your thoughts to go racing, ignore external distractions.
  • Stay calm during the exercises – do not allow any sudden fright or abrupt interruptions
  • No sexual activities immediately after Qigong and no Qigong after sex either.
  • Foods to avoid – sugar, greasy fried food, red meat and junk food. These foods are acidifying and a chronic excess of them in the blood and bodily tissues will prevent free flow of energy. If possible reduce consumption of alcohol and seafood as they contain high cholesterol, which is not conducive to good health.
  • Stop drinking carbonated drinks – the sugar content is usually way too high. It is better to drink filtered water, which is pure and healthy for the body.
  • Do not expose body to wind and air-conditioning during the exercises, for they may cause energy to scatter and during intense sweat, we may catch a chill.
  • Do not bathe for at least 20 minutes after the exercises to allow the skin pores to close. Also remove beforehand sweat and toxins by drying yourself with a towel.
  • Do not exercise when you are angry, overexcited, grieving or emotionally upset – it can have a  harmful impact on your internal energy.
  • Avoid exercising in heavy thunderstorms/lightning and other extreme weathers. They can cause extreme imbalances in human energy.
  • When ill or tired, practice a little for relief but do not push it!
  • Before starting your Qigong  make sure no interruptions will occur for they can harm your energy flow and make your exercises and efforts useless. If you must speak, put both hands on your navel first, then speak slowly and softly.
  • Flooring should be of natural hard material like marble, terrazzo, tiles, cement etc. – no carpets, cushions, rubber mats etc.
  • Never overexert yourself, for in Qigong the great principle is to do everything slowly, smoothly and softly to gain the maximum benefits in health care and to heal your body naturally.