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The power of natural movement – Body Technology

About Andre` Oelofse:
Andre Oelofse played a key role in pioneering Pilates in South Africa 18 years ago. Before becoming involved in Pilates he owned a personal training business in California. Upon returning to South Africa in 1992, he opened a small personal training studio in Cape town, which evolved into Body Technology, a studio specialising in movement, analysis and rehabilitation.

Andre`s clients ranged from people with chronic pain or dysfunctions to topclass athletes. He sets a very high standard in the industry and is often invited to present workshops in Europe. His studio, Body Technology has been covered by various magazines such as Men`s Health, Fairlady and Odyssey. He has also received television coverage on Top Billing and Free Spirit.

Andre` prefers to call himself a `natural movement` coach. The core of his healing work is done through Pilates, boxing and Tai Chi Chuan. Andre` also uses other modalities – he uses a unique technique to mobolise one`s spine, pelvis and ribcage to allow for easier breathing and the chi (vital life force) to flow more feely. Andre` comes from a strong martial arts background with an emphasis on boxing and Tai Chi Chuan. Andre does not teach people to become fighters but to find their own unique rhythm, honouring the flow of energetic impulses which is a path to self discovery.

Andre` will guide you through an exclusive class of either Pilates/Tai Chi Chuan or boxing depending what your needs are or he will guide you through a class which incorporates all three modalities (Pilates/Tai Chi Chuan/boxing). Andre` strongly believes in the structure of this class as it is well balanced with the yang/yin components – Andre` calls this class the `power of three`- `The Power of Natural Movement`.
In your initial class/assessment Andre` will work accordingly to your body`s emotional and physical needs. Afterwards he will advise the ideal approach for yourself. If you choose to join a group class initially, you have a choice of three, with the class either following
  • the `power of 3 ` format (Pilates, Tai Chi Chuan and boxing)
  • exclusive Tai Chi Chuan (Wu style) class, or
  • the `boxer workout`class.
Andre` has a great passion for his work. His purpose is to guide people to getting closer to their true natural being through moving consciously and feeling what it is like to move in our proper natural way. His work includes showing this `way` to children, the elderly, sportsmen and women and rehabilitating injuries. Andre` will work with anyone who wants to discover their true potential.

What would treatment entail and cost?
The private class fee is R400 per session.
The group class fee is R100 per person per class.
Once or twice a week is sufficient.

For further information please contact:
Andre` Oelofse (021) 424-0286 (083) 527-5305
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